Reimagining the toy store.

Brick and mortar toy stores are a thing of the past. Moms are now shopping on e-commerce sites for everything, including toys. But toy stores are shuttering, children’s imaginations aren’t. 

Leading a team of designer, writers, animators and technologists, I created an epic interactive film where kids become toy testers at a Walmart toy testing facility. Kids pick from the newest toys, play as long as they like, and when they’re ready, send their completed Toy Report upstairs to Mrs. Bartlesby at KidHQ—who, you guessed it, shares it with parents.



  • Creative Direction
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Emerging Tech
  • Retail Innovation

The Funtroller is how kids play.

What’s a lab without tests? Sometimes things got messy.

Each toy was featured in all it’s glory.

Each toy had multiple Play videos to explore.

We expressly told kids not to push the Don’t Push Button. They didn’t listen. It became the most popular button, pushed over 2 million times.

As kids test and play, they add their favorite toys to their Toy Report. When they’re done, it’s sent upstairs for final review by Ms. Bartlesby at KidHQ.



Million Engaged Views.


minutes—the average time kids spent playing.


of completed Toy Reports were sent to parents.