A Brand is the sum total of Human Experience with a company, product or service. Experience is Brand.


World Pitera Day

For SK-II, I created an immersive experience for the first ever World Pitera Day.

Future Proof

For Sony, I created a documentary series exploring the future of technology, humanity, and creativity.

Madison Beer Live VR Concert

For TikTok and Sony, I created a 30-minute live virtual reality concert experience featuring pop superstar Madison Beer—rendered as a Hypermodel.

ToyLab Interactive Retail

For Walmart, I led an epic choose-your-own-adventure experience that reimagined the future of the toy store.

KidHQ Interactive Retail

The virtual epicenter for all things kids. Test toys, hang with Barbie, and tell Santa what you want for Christmas.

MagiCart AR Immersive Shopping

For Sam's Club, I led created a mixed-reality future of retail experience. Fly a shopping cart, discover magic portals, and bring products to life.

#Only1ofMe Census Campaign

Misty Copeland and Billy Porter join Black Theatre United in making sure everyone in counted in the 2020 Census.

McDonald’s Moments Campaign

Good old fashioned advertising for McDonald's. Funny is funny.

Whaddyawannaknow? Interactive Retail Experience

The weirdest way to learn about everything from Walmart.

Talking Banner Ads

Have a conversation with sentient Target banner ads.

Yoplait Greek

For Yoplait, I created a campaign supporting the re-launch of their Greek line.

Loona, the Sleep Tight Game

For Sleep Number, I created the funnest way to learn about pillows and comforters. Trust me, it's the only fun way I've found.