Don’t describe products—let people play with them.

Sleep Number was looking for a way to tell people they sold more than beds. That’s an easy thing to say, but hard thing to make people care about. Instead of a website, we created Loona, The Sleep Tight Game — a series of fast-paced mini games were players helped Loona try to catch some zzzz’s. Players were asked to stack pillows, quiet noisy cats, and discover monsters in the closet. Want to tell people you make pillows in all shapes and sizes? Let’s make a pillow stacking game. Want to tell people you make comforters perfect for couples? Let’s make a game that highlights that. We also interspersed facts and features about their products in-between games to keep users learning as they played. Loona became a mascot of sorts and Sleep Number featured her in point of purchase videos and displays.

Sleep Number


  • Creative Direction
  • App Design
  • Experience Design
  • Retail Innovation